The reality surrounding the existence of mermaids remains questionable as none of these creatures has ever been captured or caged as evidence of their existence. It has only become a phenomenon of how well you can advance your theories.

The existence of mermaids is rather more strongly connected with myths than science. The United States National Geographic Channel have covered and shown many series of the aquatic world that addicted viewers like myself have gathered a good knowledge of aquatic beings and their behavior but there has never been a conclusive documentary on the existence of mermaids, who by their physiological affiliations are partly aquatic and partly human. Could this be because they are not considered animals or that they are half-human?

Mythology is strongly connected to tradition if not its sole basis. Festivals and rituals alike are offshoots of tradition and like most places across the world, Africa is noted for many of such. The Osun-Osogbo festival performed by the Yorubas from the South West Africa in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria. It started in 1370AD (Tale of the maiden and the ancient myth).

The goddess of a river is being worshipped in this yearly festival. This goddess was known to appear in physical mermaid-like form of a very beautiful woman with long hair breasts that will appeal to any man and fish-like from waist downwards. This appearance stopped on account of an attempt to take live photos of the being while it appeared. However all the hand-drawn images of this goddess are that of a mermaid.

The belief that this goddess is capable of granting wealth, fertility, large harvest yield, health and protection wishes is strongly in line with a popular and symbolic view that mermaids are likely not to be mere beings. There are many sayings that they possess spiritual powers to heal, curse, cause storms, hypnotise and even grant wishes.

Deductively, myths are a part of history, thus overtime there has been consistent images of mermaids as being half human half fish although there origin and existence remains a mystery.

Many others like myself have hope strongly that a reliable research authority take up this finding that will interpret this myth in pure modern day science. Evidences of their findings should include verifiable locations, genuinely taken photographs, verifiable video documentaries and a central aquarium where these mystery beings can be seen at a charge. A live glimpse these beings will end the doubts of so many Thomases across the world.

Balogun Olasunkanmi


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